Certified translations

Certified translations are necessary when a translated legal document, of any kind, must be presented at an institution and maintain its legal value. Centro Studi Ateneo provides high quality certified translations of the following:

  • Identity cards and Passports
  • Birth certificates, marriage and divorce records, death certificate etc.
  • High school diplomas, college degrees, etc.
  • Company registration certificates
  • Adoption papers
  • Power of attorney
  • Contracts, patents
  • Official documents
  • Insurance Policies
  • Financial statements, articles of corporation
  • Immigration papers
    Judicial Orders
    Medical reports
    and many more

How does a translation become certified?

After the legal document has been translated, the translator prepares a declaration for the Court where he/she swears that the translation corresponds exactly to the original text. This declaration is attached to the original document and to the translation. Every four pages must be signed with a € 16,00 stamp and also a € 16,00 stamp on the translator’s declaration.
The certified documents can then be picked up at our offices or sent to you by carrier.

Legalised translations

If you need to present your translated document in a country other than Italy, the certified translation still needs to be legalised.
No worries, we can easily provide this service as well.